Graduating from one of the best physical therapy universities is the dream of every aspiring graduate student. What are these schools? Find out so that you will understand what your main alternatives are.

It ought to be pointed out that schools are ranked by independent companies which may not be directly related to physical therapy or to learning. Additionally, the schools are ranked based on regularly altering criteria like the graduation rate and the accomplishment of graduates in finding jobs. The accrediting body of the American Physical Therapy Association as well as the association itself don't rank schools. Keep in mind all these elements when taking into consideration the top physical therapy schools.

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The number one of the best physical therapy schools, as outlined by the most recent ranking available, is the University of Southern California (USC). The graduate school of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy of the institution has 94 % graduation rate.

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Graduating students obtain placement within just 6 months upon graduation on average. The school is one of the leading research centers in the entire world with notable faculty members. Another factor that makes this school captivating is the significant availability of highly paid jobs in California.

University of Pittsburgh has the second place in the chart of top physical therapy programs. The major aspect that makes it attractive is that the program offers unique medical practice and specialization opportunities. Students get on the job experience at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and also at the affiliated Centers for Rehab Services. As part of your medical practice, you can work in virtually any specialization field from pediatric medicine to sports medication.

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Washington University in St. Louis is ranked as the 3rd of the top physical therapy schools. The program of this school is concentrated on acquiring knowledge of physical dysfunctions and skills for curing them. Physical and biomedical sciences are learned in the context of sociology and psychology. All lessons incorporate lectures and lab training.

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US Army-Baylor University is among the top physical therapy schools as well. It rates 4th. There are two points that make the program at this school special. The first one is that the medical practice is almost as long as the academic training. You will be able to obtain on the job experience for 13 months.

Yet another specific thing regarding the program is that it focuses on each part of the body and the physical disabilities that can affect it at the time. The students study the anatomy of the part, its composition and its histology details and then find out the techniques for treating it therapeutically.

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University of Iowa is the 5th of the top physical therapy schools. The school boasts with excellent faculty and facilities. The program has a large research focus with students having several case studies. The medical practice is well organized.

Arcadia University is 6th in the chart of the top physical therapy schools. It is a private university in Philadelphia. The program at the school is extensive and diverse allowing students to learn about the practical skills for all types of specific impairment conditions needing physical therapy.

University Of Pittsburgh Has The 2nd Spot In The Chart Of Top Physical Therapy Programs
Graduating from one of the best physical therapy universities is the dream of every aspiring graduate student. What are these schools? Find out so that you will understand what your main alternatives are.

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