A Scottish schoolboy is the minds behind a robot shopping trolley, which might help thousands of elderly and handicapped consumers with their once a week supermarket trip. Aidan mccann thought up the mechanized cart with height adjustment features after seeing his grandmother Lydia, struggle to lug grocery stores. McCann explained why it was so essential for him to earn the height adjustable at the flick of a switch:

It can alter elevation so senior people don't need to lift their bags very far, he said. After producing key blue prints for the Cart For The Elderly, McCann won top prize at a nationwide engineering competition and now his concept has actually come true. Overjoyed that the judges at the 2015 Scottish Engineering Unique Leaders Awards picked him as winner, McCann was paired with a team of pupils from Glasgow. The pupils from University of Strathclyde met with McCann to review his vision for the project.

The thirteen-year-old said on seeing the first prototype, When I saw the working cart for the very first time I was amazed. It's an incredible item of engineering and it was amazing to see it come to life. McCann, who lives near Inverness, claimed his gran enjoyed it and he would currently like to become a mechanical engineer in a vehicle garage. McCann's grandma claimed, Aidan is an excellent boy. He was helping me with tasks that I couldn't do because I'm just in tall. Then he generated a suggestion for the trolley. I was quite happy with him, designing something like that.

A Scottish School Child Is The Minds Behind A Robot Purchasing Trolley
A Scottish schoolboy is the minds behind a robot shopping trolley, which might help thousands of elderly and handicapped consumers with their once a week supermarket trip.

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